Hello there!

My name is Horace T. Morris and I live in the World of the Magical Couch. (I'm the guy to the left of your screen) My best friend is Stephen J., but he lives in that other world, you know...the World up above. Anyway, we put together an online coloring book with the help of our good friend Ray Yliz. Now, you can have pictures of us and color us too. Just pick out which pictures you want of us and print them out on your printer. The rest is up to you. See ya,

H.T.M. (not to be confused with the Internet language)

The Pink Bag (with the sign that says "Rare.")

The Magical Couch.

Stephen J.

The Four Grocketeers.

Grock One.

Elroy Slouchinski.

Alphatelli "A".

Horace T. Morris.

Auntie Carol (the Science Lady).

Frankie Goodprankster.

Boris DaMean.

Chief Weazit & Frankie Goodprankster.

Melvin the Great.

Melvin's Magic Castle.

FantasyWorks Logo.

Mary Hearken and a little girl.

Grandpa Oldprankster.

Rick & Mr. Lu.

Map of the World of the Magical Couch.

Ferguson (Melvin's butler and a Slouch).

Mr. Jelloptomous.

A hungry Slouch.

The Slouch In The Couch Childrens' Corner Band

Mr. Buzzelli (the Alphabet Chef).

Hope you all enjoy coloring these pages. Send me some e-mail if you would like to see some different characters not included here added to the list. My e-mail address is: horace@slouch.org .

See ya,


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