Fantasy Forest:

The never ending Forest that surrounds the hills behind Slouchville and the various towns.

The Space of The Grumps:

This is the town where the Grumps live. It is located in the hills behind Slouchville and is forbidden for any Slouch to enter.


Where all of the Slouches live.


Where the Pranksters and the Shlox live.


The home of the Grocks.


The home of the Weazits, Whozits, Whatzits, Wherezits and Whyzits.

The Childrens' Corner:

Where Auntie Carol, Mr. Buzzelli, The Alphatelli's, and Mr. Jelloptomous live.

The Cave of Time:

This mystical cave can take you back to any time in the past. It is kept locked up to prevent the Slouches from getting into it.


The home of the Stinkells. Led by their leader and mayor, Boris DaMean, the Stinkells are the "bad guys" that live in the World of the Magical Couch. They are also best friends to the Slouches.

Prominence Providence:

Located just East of the hills behind Slouchville, and nestled within Fantasy Forest, this is where the Rennies live. Mary Hearken is the head school teacher there.

Melvins Magic Castle:

Home to Melvin the Great.

note: The Grumps are hillbilly type characters that work at the Dam, in the Hills behind Slouchville. This dam provides all of the power to the various towns, in the World of the Magical Couch.