I handed Grock One the pink bag with a grin, and all of the Grocks, they jumped right back in! I then asked Grock One, "Your mystery please share, just what's with this bag, with the sign that says "Rare" "? Grock One he replied, "this bag is a door, to the World of The Magical Couch, and much more". Well, I was confused, didn't know what to think, so I said, "sure you're right", and gave him a wink. I turned, and I left the Slouch right where he sat, with Grock One and the bag, thinking, well that was that.

Now,it's been a while since, this story took place, and life has been easy, no worries to face. But on week-ends my homework is done friday night. On saturdays and sundays there's no homework in sight. And a Slouch never ever, will lead me on a chase. For the Slouch in the couch took me for my last race!

This "Slouch In The Couch" Educational Book, Presents the


Words of Interest

as they relate to this story:

FLOCK - A large group of certain animals, that live and eat together.

GROUCH - To be in a bad mood. Always complaining about something.

SAG - To lose firmness or strength. Weakened through weariness, age, etc. .

ODOR - Any smell, good or bad.

LOCAL - A place which is within a certain area.

NABBED - A slang word meaning to take or seize suddenly.

RUDE - A lack of consideration. Having no respect or manners. To be impolite.

NOTICED - To see something, or pay attention to something.

EMBRACE - To accept readily.

SEARCH - To look for. To try to find something.

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