It was a nice sunny day, the air was real hot. The school year had finished, having fun, I was not. For I had a job, I had to get done, a job for my dad, out under this sun. Our lawn had grown tall, over a foot or so high, and to mow it down low, was what I had to try. So I worked and I pushed, the mower so hard, until finally I finished, mowing our yard. I looked over the fence, where lived Mildred McGee, but I called her Milly, best friends, yes were we. This day we had planned, we had talked on the phone, to have a quick lunch, today at her home. As I finished the lawn, I gave a loud shout, then changed into clothes, that my mom had put out. I wore my best sneakers, and my pants were quite clean, my shirt was just washed, I was a sight to be seen. With the mowing all done, and the tools put away, I went over to Milly's, to have a fun day.

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