I knocked on her door, like I always would do, and Milly, she answered, "Hi Rick, how are you"? I said, "I'm doing fine, and my work is all done, so now I can play, and start to have fun". She smiled as she said, "Mother's making us lunch, it's not ready yet, but we have cookies to munch". So I walked in her house, and sat in a chair, and as we were talking, saw a bag that said "Rare". It was next to the couch, and it's color was pink, and it had a bad smell, like an old sock, I think. I'd seen it before, this pink bag on the floor, for this bag that said "Rare", was in fact, a rare door. It was the door to the World of the Magical Couch, and when it's in our world, then somewhere there's a Slouch. For that bag it appears when this creature climbs out, and enters our world, and is running about. So I stayed really calm, and I said not a word, put my hands each behind me, whistling just like a bird.

Milly's mom brought our lunch, to the table it found, when Milly's mom left, I began looking around. I looked under the cushions, and under the couch, I looked under the table, for that naughty old Slouch. "Rick", Milly asked, "Is there anything wrong"?, I said, "Trouble is coming, and should soon be along". I showed her the bag, Milly let out a scream, that Slouch was here somewhere, it was like a bad dream. And right then it happened, our biggest of fears, from the living room curtains, grew two red fuzzy ears. A head stuck out next, we heard a pop and a crack, and the next thing we knew, that Slouch had come back.

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