As we sat on the bed, we looked down and did see, Chief Weazit appear, he was drinking some tea. "Oh, hi there you two", he looked up as he said, "I ate some of your lunch, had some tea with some bread. Catching that Slouch was a tiring job, so I took a quick break, loved your corn on the cob." But Milly and I, didn't really much care, that Slouch must be gone, with the bag that read, "Rare." Chief Weazit he waved to Weazit's under the bed, they came out pulling a rope, with beads of sweat on their head. At the end of the rope, was the Slouch all tied up, Chief Weazit just smiled, then drank from his cup. I saw the recipe book in the Slouches old suit, I reached down and I grabbed it, he gave out a hoot! I cracked open the door, and peeked down the hall, there was nobody there, I gave the Weazit's a call. They pulled the Slouch out of the room to the bag, and I laughed as I said, "Oh boy, what a drag!" But the Slouch didn't laugh, didn't smile, nor did grin, he just stared at the bag, as each Weazit jumped in. Chief Weazit then said, "We must go, it's been fun, we will take him to Slouchville, be seeing you son." He jumped into the bag, as the rope he did pull, and the Slouch was pulled in, that pink bag was quite full. The pink bag it shook, floated up to the roof, then made a loud noise, and was gone in a "poof!" Milly's mom she came into the room and did say, "What's wrong with you children, you're so noisy today". She looked at the table and said, "What a mess", she looked over at Milly, "There's tea on your dress"! Milly's mom shook her head, and just walked away, Milly gave me a smile, everything was O.K.. To come to a lunch uninvited is rude, for there is a chance, that there's not enough food. But an uninvited Slouch is the worse kind of guest, and Milly and I hoped, we'd seen the last of that pest.

The End

Copyright 1994

This "Slouch In The Couch" Educational Book, Presents the


Words of Interest

as they relate to this story:

IMPOLITE - Having or showing bad manners. To be rude. Discourteous or disrespectful.

DRAGGED - To pull something heavily or slowly. To pull or drag along the ground.

NAUGHTY - Not obedient. To be bad.

SWARM - A great number or multitude of persons or things. A group or crowd of persons or things moving together.

YELP - A quick, sharp, or shrill sound, like a bark or cry, from a dog or fox.

GLANCE - A quick look. To look at something very fast.

JOB - A piece of work. Something that you have to do.

RECIPE - A set of directions for preparing something to eat.

HOOT - A shout to show disapproval or scorn.

POOF - A sound kind of like a short sharp puff of your breath, like when you blow out a candle.

UNINVITED - Without an invitation. To not want somebody to come to your home.

PEST - Any person or thing that causes trouble, injuries or destruction.

GUEST - A person who is received and entertained at another's home. This persons presence is wanted and accepted. Someone you ask to visit you.

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