Milly stood up, and shot me a glance, then asked, "What were those things, they looked like large talking ants"? I said, "They are our friends, and that Slouch they will hook, they will get back for you, your grandma's recipe book". The bed started shaking, I heard a loud roar, then a Weazit was thrown from the bed to the door. Then more Weazit's flew out from under the bed, they came from each side, one almost hit Milly's head. They were thrown to the wall, and would slide to the floor, but only brushed themselves off, and each went back for more. We both stood and stared, as the Weazit's were tossed, that Slouch must be caught, and our fingers were crossed.

Milly and I waited, at the bed we did stare, when I heard Milly's mom, "What are you doing in there"? I looked over at Milly, and she looked at me, I said, "We are just playing here, Mrs. McGee". But the door handle turned, the bed it still shook, the door slowly opened, and Milly's mom took a look. But right as she looked, that shaking bed quit, the room became quiet, on the bed we did sit. "I heard lots of noise", Milly's mom she did say, I said, "We were just playing, how's the weather today"? She looked at me funny, as the door she closed shut, I then said to Milly, "Your mom thinks I'm a nut"!!

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