He jumped from the bag and yelled, "Calling all Grocks"!! "Grock two and Grock Three, I need all of my flock"! I was took by surprise, "Grock One, are there more"?, he just smiled as he called out, Grock 194. The Grocks filled the sidewalk, all colors and tops, some hair were combed neat, while others were mops. Grock One took command, as he said to his breed, "There's a Slouch on the loose, and this world must be freed"!!

Now, Milly and I had stopped chasing the Slouch. So, where should we look, for the Slouch from the couch. The Grocks, all spread out, to search everywhere, but a needle in a haystack would be better odds here. I thought and I thought, as I walked down the street, I stared at the sidewalk, and down at my feet. Then, suddenly, Milly and I stopped real quick. We looked at each other, this Slouch wasn't slick! She said, "Know what I think"?, I said, "Yep, in my mind, a creature of habit, is easy to find". So we started our search, until we found what we sought, Mr. Lu's furniture shop, where the couch had been bought.

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