Milly she jumped screaming, "Rick, what is that?" I said, "That is a Grock", and it looked rather fat. It was two shades of blue and much smaller than a Slouch, with no tail at all, and was far from a grouch. The Grock, it was nice, and it looked pretty cute, it had very small ears, and was wearing a suit. It said, " Hi, I'm Grock One, and you're chasing a Slouch, we keep Slouches in line, when they climb out of the couch. But, if a Slouch meets a lazy boy or a girl, then there will be trouble, up here in your world". I said, "Well then, Grock One, this may be very true, but this Slouch stole my school books, what am I to do"? Grock One sat and thought, then he finally yelled, "Yes", then he looked in my eyes, "I'll get you out of this mess"!!

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