Now when I'm alone, the house fills with creaks, it groans and it cracks, it grunts and it squeaks. I hear all kinds of sounds, from ceiling to floor, but today was a sound, I'd never heard before. It was kind of a whine, and it sounded real near, I felt kind of strange, I think it was fear. And then the couch shook, the noise it did soar, the cushions flew up, and threw me to the floor. I sat there amazed, at that couch I did stare, as I watched there appear, a pink bag that said "rare". The bag opened slowly, my eyes grew real big, for within that pink bag, sticking up came two twigs. Now from within this pink bag, grew these twigs that were red, until finally I saw, they were glued to a head. I kept looking and stared, as I calmed down my fears, you see these were not twigs, they were red fuzzy ears. A head came up slowly, I saw a small face. The mouth, it was smiling, not a tooth out of place. The face it was orange, with a blue pointed nose, the eyes were real round, and it's hair was in bows. It jumped from the bag, to the table and stood, it had a long tail, and wore shoes made of wood. It's size was three feet, an old suit it did wear, and it picked up the pink bag, with the sign saying, "rare".

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