The Slouch smiled and winked, then took a big jump, to the top of the table, where our lunch he did bump. He asked, "How are you doing, it's been a long time. To have lunch with old friends, is surely no crime". I said, "Milly, stand back, I'll take care of this here, I'll get rid of this Slouch, you have nothing to fear". The Slouch only laughed, as he said, "Let me see", then looked at the tea pot, that was filled up with tea. I said, "Slouch, you get out, you are bad and must go", but he didn't listen, he was running the show. He picked up the tea pot and spilled all the tea, on Milly's new carpet, and on Milly and me! He grabbed all the cookies and stepped on the plate, where our tuna fish sandwiches, lay to be ate.

I tried to talk softly, and use my good charm, for Milly's nice mom, I didn't want to alarm. I told that old Slouch, "You are just a big pest. It is most impolite, to be an unwanted guest". But he wouldn't listen, he just stepped on our food, and made a big mess, this Slouch was quite rude. Right then the Slouch stopped, across the room he did look, and stared at a very old, recipe book. He jumped off the table, this book he did take, and said, "Oh yes, desert, this is better than cake". He ran down the hallway, with Milly behind, she said, "Slouch, you come back", but he wouldn't mind. She said, " That book has been in my family for years, my great grandma owned it", she was almost in tears.

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