Out of the room, after the Slouch Milly ran, but I didn't follow, I tried to think up a plan. I looked at the bag, that lay next to the couch, and I had an idea, to get rid of that Slouch. I walked up to that bag, with the sign that said "Rare", and I shouted inside, "Grock One, are you there"? He lived in the Magical Couch and was nice, he had helped me out once, this time would make twice. Out of the bag, Grock One slowly dragged, he looked pretty sleepy, his eyes they each sagged. "This is the time all Grocks sleep", Grock One said, "The Slouches all know this, we have all gone to bed. They like to be bad, during times while we rest, but I can still help, if one's being a pest".

Grock one stuck his arm out and opened his hand, and there in his palm, a small creature did stand. "Hi, I am Chief Weazit", it said, as it stood, "Weazit's are part of the Grocks neighborhood. We are friends of the Grock, live together we do, we help out when we can, and we can help you". I asked, "What is a Weazit, you're so small, and look weak"?, he jumped on my nose, and again he did speak. He said, "Weazit's are fighters for all that is good, we are the police of the Grocks neighborhood. The "Whoozit's", live here, but playing games is their thing, and the "Wherezit's" just sleep, while the "Whyzit's" all sing. The "Whatzits", they're eaters, and feed all the time, and they each weigh exactly, four hundred and nine. So, "Don't get us confused", he warned with a wave, "We are the "Weazits", and this day we will save".