Chief Weazit jumped off of my nose to the floor, and from the pink bag, there came a bunch more. All over the living room floor they did swarm, and each Weazit wore, a police uniform. Grock One said, "Good-bye, I really must rest, the Weazit's will help you, they will know what is best". Grock One slowly left, into the bag he went down, I then told the Weazits, "We have a Slouch to be found".

I ran through the hallway with the Weazits behind, at the end of the hall, a closed door I did find. I turned the door handle, and opened the door, and saw Milly looking under a bed, on the floor. I said, "Milly, it's Rick, I brought friends that can help". She turned and looked up, and gave out a yelp!! She looked at the Weazits, her eyes full of fear, then Chief Weazit spoke, "The Weazits are here"! "Don't be afraid, we will help you", he said, "the Slouch", he then asked, "Is he under the bed"? Milly shook her head "yes", Chief Weazit he flew, to the top of the bed, where a whistle he blew. He blew hard on the whistle, 'till his face it turned red, then all of those Weazits, ran under the bed!

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